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ISHOF Honoree Criteria

Following are the guidelines to be followed when reviewing the biographical information:


  • No participating swimmer shall be chosen unless retired from competition at least four years, or at least one Olympic quadrennial. "Swimmer" and "Swimming" refer to swimmers, divers, water polo players and synchronized swimmers.  A swimmer's international career record is of most importance.
  • A coach must have a significant international record and have been coaching at least 25 years.
  • A contributor must have been in swimming not less than 20 years and have had a significant international impact.
  • Milestones: Achievements and innovations that have had a profound effect on swimming and/or its administration should be recorded.


Selection and voting should be based on the following criteria, using this numerical order as a guide for consideration:


  • Olympic Gold Medals
  • World Records
  • Numbers of Olympic medals won, Olympic Games attended and Olympic finals achieved.
  • World Championships gold medals
  • Numbers of World Championship medals won
  • World Cup, Grand Prix gold medals
  • Regional Championships won (European Championships, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, Asian Games, Pan Pacifics, South American Games, etc.)
  • Significant regional records
  • National Championship Titles
  • Consideration to swimmers failing to make an Olympic team because of non-Olympic years due to war (1916, 1940, 1944), injury, career interruptions, non-Olympic events such as the individual medley (I.M.) prior to 1964, and being barred from competition for political reasons, etc.
  • Milestone achievements
  • When considering your order of choice of nominees within each category, with all things being equal, please consider the age of the individual, both chronologically and who may have come first in terms of performance or service.
  • Remember that emphasis should be placed on the international impact of the achievements of the nominee.

Nomination Form

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