Danielle Ogier (USA)

Honor Masters Swimmer (2017)

The information on this page was written the year of their induction.

INTERNATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS (SWIMMER): World Points-873, Pre 1986 Points-0. Total Points 873. Since 1990, she has competed in 6 age groups (35-39 through 60-65); 20 FINA MASTERS WORLD RECORDS

Danielle Ogier was born at the Portsmouth Virginia Naval Hospital in September, 1952. Her father, Commander Herbert L. Ogier, Jr., was an officer in the Navy starting with WWII, in charge of commanding destroyers, but more importantly, he was a record holder in the breaststroke and taught Danielle to swim.

Danielle began swimming competitively at age 11 with the Lakewood YMCA Tarpons, and later with the Lakewood Aquatic Club, in Long Beach, California. Danielle was coached by Jim Montrella during the Long Beach years, from 1963-1966.

In 1966, Commander Ogier was transferred to Houston, Texas. The family moved, but very reluctantly. There was one very big bright spot that came with the move: Danielle was able to train at the DADS swim club under Hall of Fame Coach Richard Quick. Unfortunately, Danielle’s AAU swimming career ended in high school.

In 1989, after a long break, Danielle began training again, competing in just a few triathlons, before a running injury cut it short.

In 1990, Danielle discovered Masters Swimming at the DADS Club in Houston, where she and her Dad began training and competing in swim meets. Her first meet was in May of that year at USC and she won her very first race. Her swimming success followed her to the 1990 Woodlands Long Course Nationals where she helped DADS Club Masters to a third place overall finish.

Danielle also tackled open water swimming, swimming Lake Minnetonka in 1993 during the Minneapolis LC Nationals. She then swam the Maui Channel Relay Swim with her DADS Club teammates, an event she has continued to swim for many years.

Danielle moved back to California and began swimming with the Stanford Masters, where she says her swimming improved with Coach Ross Gerry. In 1995, she joined the Olympic Club and swam for Doug Huestis.

Danielle has competed in four FINA World Championships since 1992, winning 14 gold, one silver and one bronze medals. She has been in the Top Ten 20 times since 1990 and has set six long course and 14 short course FINA Masters World Records in the I.M., freestyle and breaststroke. She has 601 USMS Top Ten swims since 1990 and 102 Relay Top Ten swims.

Danielle says swimming is truly the largest part of her life.