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Glenn Mills (USA)

GoSwim, 1980 US Olympian

2016 Paragon Award / Competitive Swimming


Glenn Mills spent two decades becoming one of America’s fastest breaststrokers in America. In 1980, at the age of 18, he won the 200-meter breaststroke at the 1980 US Olympic Trials. Unfortunately, Glenn had to watch those “boycotted” Olympic Games from his living room on TV.


Refusing to let his Olympic disappointment define his life, Glenn chose to devote his life to helping other swimmers achieve their goals. In 2002, he co-founded a video-production company, GoSwim, with Barbara Hummel, a former colleague from his days working with Total Immersion Swimming. GoSwim embodies Glenn’s personal mission and lifelong quest of helping swimmers of all ages and backgrounds to swim better and to reach their full potential in the sport. GoSwim began by filming the techniques used by Olympic swimmers and has evolved into a company that produces a diverse range of media outlets and technologies, including articles, speaking engagements, clinics, DVDs, a world renowned website with a subscription platform with streaming video, and an innovative app that lets coaches film swimmers and immediately share videos with them. To date, Glenn and GoSwim have created and published nearly 700 swimming drills and more than 40 full-length instructional videos. The videos are easy to follow, and feature world class swimmers and coaches, including more than 30 Olympians, USA National Team Members and NCAA Champions. The goal is always to make swimmers better.


In 2010, GoSwim launched the industry’s first iphone app, bringing the best of GoSwim’s drills and technique photos right to the pool deck. Today the app is used by hundreds of thousands of swimmers and coaches, worldwide.


In 2011, Glenn and GoSwim created the industry’s first subscription platform for delivery of swim technique content. It gives swimmers a simple, inexpensive way to access all of GoSwim’s content, and gives coaches the ability to send selected videos to their swimmers everyday before practice.


The latest development is GoSwim’s “Deckshots” software, which allows a coach to video swimmers above or underwater using an iPhone, Android, GoPro or other camera, and share the video with the swimmer for immediate feedback and learning. A few clicks and the swimmer can compare his or her techniques with an Olympian. The “Deckshots” can also be uploaded and securely delivered to swimmers computers or smart phones for learning away from the pool. In addition to being one of the most revolutionary, innovative and useful coaching tools ever developed, it is also easy to use and affordable.


For the past year, Mills and his wife, and coaching partner, Rachel Stratton-Mills, have taken their products on the road, traveling in an RV, to share their products, technologies and expertise with hundreds of coaches and thousands of athletes across the country. It is a safe assumption that somewhere, someone is watching one of Glenn’s GoSwim videos, or using one of his platforms to become a better swimmer or coach!


GoSwim, the sport’s leading provider of educational video content, is the official technique video supplier of USA Swimming.

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