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1999 Paragon Award / Water Polo


From the United States Government in 1996, United States Water Polo acquired and licensed a 50 meter swimming pool on a military base in Los Alamitos, California. The pool required $50,000 in restoration work prior to becoming the centerpiece of U.S. Water Polo's National Training Center. Ed Haage was a leader, contributor and staunch supporter as water polo's premier learning facility became a reality.


Ed, from Jacksonville, FL, is a National Sales Manager of Astral Products Commercial Division, guiding a national sales force. He has pioneered the development of new pool designs including those complying with the American Disabilities Act (ADA); proving himself as an imaginative innovator.


Ed's aquatic interest began as he was a gold medal diver in Chicago. Later he would work with the American Red Cross, Lifesaving and Guard Programs, YMCA and "KIDS PROGRAMS". Professionally, he has served in various positions within the pool equipment industry. Ed was especially dedicated to the establishment of the guide lines of pool construction for the disabled.


Ed Haage has been a "Paragon" for United States Water Polo.

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