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Dr. John Fletemeyer

2001 Paragon Award / Aquatic Safety


Dr. Fletemeyer is currently employed as the Chief of Beach Safety Operations of Palm Beach and is under contract by the United States Border Patrol and by the Broward County Sheriff's Dept. to teach and train law enforcement officers in the art of water rescue.


Dr. John Fletemeyer holds three post graduate degrees: a MS from the University of Wisconsin, a MA from the University of Cape Town and a Doctorate from Florida International University, and he is actively certified as an EMT, NAUI SCUBA Instructor, an American Heart Association CPR Instructor, and as a World Lifesaving Association Lifeguard Instructor.


"Of the major causes of accidental death and perhaps the most preventable is drowning.  I have spent most of my professional career developing water safety programs that are aimed at reducing the number of accidental drowning deaths, especially in countries lacking the resources that we have in America.  To be the recipient of the "2001 Paragon Award" in Aquatic Safety, I feel that the many years of work that I have devoted to this cause are validated.  The knowledge that the selection committee represents many of my professional colleagues makes receiving this award all the more meaningful."

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