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Dr. Ben Rubin (USA)

2018 Paragon Award / Competitive Diving


Dr. Ben Rubin got involved in the sport of diving 40 years ago, when he became the team doctor for the Mission Viejo Natadores in California. As an Orthopedic Surgeon, he cared for the athletes on the team and as his expertise in diving injuries became more widely known, he began treating athletes from other diving teams from around the country.


As knowledge of his success kept spreading, he then started using his magic touch on divers from around the world.


During this time, Dr. Rubin began working with USA Diving and was asked to assemble the first ever Sports Medicine Team to provide treatment and care for the U.S. National Team and all the athletes participating in the National Championships, as well as at the World Championships and the Olympic Trials.


Rubin’s Sports Medicine Team was one of the best, if not THE best group of experts ever assembled. At the 1984, 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games, Dr. Rubin served as the physician for the USA teams.


Dr. Rubin also served as the Head Physician for the Servite High School Football Team in Southern California and after 38 years of outstanding service and care of the athletes, their new Sports Medicine Center was recently named after him.


To this day, U.S. divers and divers from around the world, travel many miles to seek out his expertise and care. Other than his skill, one of the reasons Dr. Rubin has been so sought after is because he not only treats the athlete, but takes an interest in them personally. He is a doctor and a mentor at the same time. Being in his care is a unique experience not found with many doctors. The world of diving would like to thank Dr. Ben Rubin for his many years of outstanding services to the sport of diving and beyond.

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