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Doris Miller

2000 Paragon Award / Competitive Diving


Since her graduation from the University of Toronto Department of Athletics and Physical Education for Women in 1963, Doris Miller has devoted her career to working with students and studying research methods to derive athletic biomechanical and kinesiological functions in sport.  Much other research in the past 40 years has been in the sport of competitive diving.  Since 1984, she has been a Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada.


Doris received a M.A. degree from University of Oregon (1964), Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University (1970) and M. Div. from Victoria University (1990).  For almost 20 years, she conducted research grants and contracts for United States Diving, the U.S. Olympic Committee, Sport Canada, Canadian Amateur Diving Association and the International Olympic Committee.  Of forty-one completed grants, twenty-two were focused on diving biomechanics.  Other studies included skating, skiing, running, water safety and athletes of lower extremity amputations.  Since 1971, grant totals have reached $639,101.00.


She has written over twenty-nine research reports and has been invited to present over 33 communications at conferences in Seoul, Korea; Rome, Italy; Moscow, Russia; Olympia, Greece; and Australia, and extensively throughout the United States and Canada.  She has published over 44 articles and publications and fifteen books and book chapters.  Titles of her research projects include "Hurdle height - dive flight: Ex;loring the Relationship", "Biomechanical principles applied to diving: Computerized instructional modules", "Biomechanical feedback system for diving coaches and athletes", "Platform response to the take-off actions of the diver", and "Total body and segment angular momentum patterns of Greg Louganis during 3m springboard takeoffs".  All of Doris' projects have lead to a better understanding of and improvement for competitive diving.


Dr. Miller has served on the executive councils for the International, Canadian and American Societies of Biomechanics and as President and Founding Member of the American Society.  She has been on the Editorial Boards of the 'Journal of Applied Biomechanics", "International Journal of Sport Biomechanics", "Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise" and Editor of "Exercise and Sport Science Reviews".  She has been a biomechanics clinician at United States Diving National Training Corps and has served as a member of both the Canadian and United States Olympic Sports Medicine Councils.


Doris can be seen with video camera in hand at strategic national and international diving competitions taking pictures of divers' movements on the springboard or platform to be used for biomechanical analysis in the work room.  Her commitment to pursuing a better biomechanical interpretation of competitive diving is second to none and her years of service to the sport have advanced its growth, safety and technique.


Doris plans to retire form active teaching at the University of Western Ontario at the completion of the 2000 academic school year.

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