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Dale Neuburger

2000 Paragon Award / Competitive Swimming


Dale Neuburger has spent his whole life in or around water as a swimmer and administrator.  His humble and unassuming mannerisms coupled with decisive leadership qualities make him an asset to the sport of competitive swimming on all local, national and international levels.


As a youngster, he was a competitive swimmer at Williston Academy graduating in 1967.  From there it was on to Princeton University, Class of 1971, where he swam for Hall of Fame Honoree Bob Clotworthy and his final year with Bill Farley.


For the past two decades, Dale has lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, professionally serving as Manager of the Indiana University Natatorium (IUPU), (1982-1991) and President of the Indiana Sports Corporation (1993-present).  Along the way he has served the sport with dignity and enthusiasm.  He has been the Meet Director for nine NCAA men's or women's swimming and diving championships as well as for the 1992 Olympic Trials.  He was Chairman of the 1996 Olympic Trials Organizing Committee.  He has been the Venue Coordinator for the 1981 and 1982 National Sports Festival and Commissioner of Aquatics for the 1987 Pan American Games.  In 1992, he was Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the FINA World Masters Championships.


Today, Dale serves on the USA Swimming Board of Directors (1990-present) and has been its Vice President (1994-1998).  In 1998, Dale was elected to the prestigious office of President of USA Swimming, Inc., and continues to serve in that capacity.  He is on the United States Olympic Committee Board of Directors (1994-present) and its Executive Committee (1996-present).  He is currently Chairman of the National Governing Body Council (1996-present).  At the Sydney Olympic Games, Dale will become the United States Representative to the FINA Bureau.  Dale is a person of high integrity who brings wisdom and fair play to the forefront of the aquatic disciplines.

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