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Bruce Wigo

2001 Paragon Award / Water Polo


Bruce Wigo was an All-American swimmer and water polo player in high school and attended the University of North Carolina where he swam for four years under coach Pat Earey.  He coached swimming and water polo for three years before attending law school.  When his son, Wolf, now the captain of the USA Men's National Team and a two-time Olympian, became interested in the sport, Bruce volunteered as an official and local administrator for USA Water Polo.  In 1991, when the national organization was floundering and deeply in debt, Wigo was offered the position of Executive Director.  Wigo offered to help for six months, a labor of love that has now lasted ten years.  Under his guidance, water polo has achieved financial stability, membership in the organization has increased over 300% to over 30,000 members and NCAA status has been retained for the men and established for the women.

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