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Al Schoenfield Media Award

2018 Bob Ingram (USA)


Bob Ingram is senior editor of Swimming World Magazine. He has been involved in aquatics for nearly half a century (46 years), traveling the world extensively and covering all levels of competition. During the last 18 years, Ingram has primarily been responsible for the editing and production of the print magazine.


“It’s quite an honor to receive the Al Schoenfield Media Award from the International Swimming Hall of Fame,” says Ingram, “especially since it was Schoenfield who hired me back in 1972 and gave me the opportunity to become involved in such an amazing sport. He was my mentor in those early years, and I still do things that he taught me nearly 50 years ago.”


After studying journalism for four years at the University of Southern California and serving as the sports editor (fall semester) and editor-in-chief (spring semester) for the student newspaper, the Daily Trojan, in his senior year, Ingram called Swimming World Magazine (located at the time in North Hollywood, Calif.) to apply for the position of managing editor. Funny thing, though: Schoenfield hadn’t told anyone that he was looking for a managing editor! So, after an abbreviated phone call, the magazine’s publisher quickly ended the conversation. He later discovered that it was his editor’s assistant—a friend of Ingram’s—who “leaked” the news, and Schoenfield set up a job interview.


“We had a great time talking with one another,” recalls Ingram, “but I honestly thought I wasn’t going to get the job—especially because of what happened afterward.”


The two shook hands, and Schoenfield said he would get back to him. But it was Ingram who “got back” to Schoenfield...within minutes! Ingram had locked himself out of his car and asked Schoenfield for help. So much for trying to make a first good impression! But with the help of a coat hanger, Ingram was able to unlock the car door and drive away, thinking that he had better start looking for another job.


However, a few days later, Schoenfield asked him to join the Swimming World team, and Ingram, who began work on April 24, 1972, has been there ever since. The first magazine he edited was the June 1972 issue (Vol. 13, No. 6). The most recent was May 2018 (Vol. 59, No. 5). That was Ingram’s 552nd issue as managing editor (June-August 1972), editor (September 1972-March 1993) and senior editor (April 1993-present).


During that time, Ingram has had the privilege of covering four Olympic Games—Montreal 1976, Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1998 and Barcelona 1992—and four World Championships—Belgrade 1973, Cali 1975, West Berlin 1978 and Perth 1998. He also covered the USA-East Germany (Concord, Calif. 1974; East Berlin 1977) and USA-Russia (Leningrad 1977) dual meets, World University Games (Edmonton 1983), the inaugural KLM Friendship Meet (Maastricht, Netherlands 1987) and the Pan Pacific Championships (Edmonton 1991).


In addition to his responsibilities at Swimming World, Ingram helped proofread two books: Character & Excellence by Mike Gosman (1998) and The History of Olympic Swimming by Peter Daland (2009).

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