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Bill Farrar (USA)

2019 Paragon Award / Competitive Diving


Born in Washington, D.C. Bill Farrar graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in General Studies, majoring in Economics and Business Administration. He received his Juris Doctor with Honors from the National Law Center of the George Washington University.


Bill Farrar has served USA Diving in a variety of capacities for nearly three decades.


As a long-time member of the Board of Directors, Farrar spent time as both Vice-Chair of Administration and as Law and Legislation/Governance Chair. He has also served as USA Diving General Counsel, and has been involved in the Board of Review Committee, the Long-Range Planning committee, the Business Affairs Committee, the Rules Committee and the Member Services Committee.


Farrar began his service with USA Diving in 1990, when he attended his first annual meeting as a delegate from the Potomac Valley Diving Association. At that meeting, he was elected to the Law & Legislation Committee as the Zone A member. He has been involved with USA Diving ever since.


He went on to serve ten years as Law & Legislation/Governance Committee Chair and six years as Vice Chair of Administration, resulting in 16 years on the Board of Directors.


In 1999-2000, he chaired the Long-Range Planning Committee, which led to an eight-year long range plan adopted by the membership in September, 2000.


Farrar was a member of the Business Affairs Advisory Committee from 2005-2008, with that committee recommending significant and substantive changes to the structure of USA Diving. He served on the selection committees that recommended Debbie Hesse as the first President and CEO of USA Diving as well as Linda Paul, who was Hesse’s successor.


During his many years of service, he has reviewed and drafted many contracts of various types and has provided legal counsel to the Board, the Executive Director and the Presidents. He led the Bylaws Committee that created the Amended and Restated Bylaws of USA Diving in 2017.


In 2014, he received the Glenn McCormick Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to the sport of diving.


Bill continues to serve USA Diving whenever called upon. He resides with his wife Karen in Beaufort, SC.

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