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Benefits of Swimming



Swimming is a lifetime sport that benefits

the body and the whole person!

PHYSIOLOGICAL                           PSYCOLOGICAL                            SOCIAL



  • Benefits for physical fitness such as
  • endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, mobility
  • Benefits of buoyancy
  • reduction in gravitational forces due to water density and buoyancy of human body (in chin deep water apparent weight 1/10 of weight on land)
  • acts as support for spine, joints and muscle (less weight bearing)
  • physical activity seems to be easier than on land
  • enables people with medical complications to participate and achieve success in rehabilitation (i.e. Permanent physical or mental disability, obesity, pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, chronic pulmonary disease)
  • exercises are possible which would be painful, difficult or even impossible on land
  • reduction in heart rate compared to land (-20 while exercising)
  • permit early controlled motion (hasten clients return to workplace or sports, reducing atrophy and improving function)
  • assist range of motion by bringing the injured part towards the surface of the pool
  • improves and demands balance, kinesthetic awareness
  • improves flexibility
  • improves mobility
  • improves coordination
  • less risk of injury (no risk of falling down)
  • Benefits of hydrostatic pressure
  • Density of water: 1 gram/millimeter which is equal to the depth of water
  • First slight increase in peripheral resistance (blood pressure), then body adjusts and leads to a reduced blood pressure
  • Movement of body fluids (blood) from surface vessels to the thorax
  • more blood in the heart (increased volume)
  • increased output
  • Heart rate is reduced (10-20 when exercising)
  • vital capacity is reduced
  • Respiration - exhale-strengthening of respiration muscles
  • Better supply with blood
  • Elasticity of vessels increased
  • Benefits of resistance / Water density:
    • Water density12 times denser than air
    • Muscular endurance
    • Cardiovascular endurance
    • Muscular strength

Benefits of varying water temperature

  • Warm water: 86-94 F
    • + decreases muscle pain, reduces spasm
    • + provides comforting and relaxing environment for early therapeutic exercise
    • + improves rage of motion
    • - exhaustion occurs sooner during heavy exercise
  • Cold water: 80-85 F
    • + increases exercise tolerance
    • + higher calorie use
    • + decrease heart rate at a given workload
    • -  chilling effect, uncomfortable feeling


  • coping with grief response
  • improving motivation
  • improving long-term compliance
  • Decreases or relieves stress, create fun
  • Improves self-esteem, acceptance and mental health
  • Differences among individuals are less apparent
  • Focus on ability rather than disability



  • Excellent opportunity for personal adjustment
  • Solidarity (learn to relate to others)
  • Emphasizes mutual understanding and inclusion
  • Improve social consciousness and sense of responsibility
  • Establish friendships
  • Prepare participants for greater involvement in the community


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