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G. Harold Martin Award

2014 Barry Shaw


Born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1952, Barry Shaw began his career with Every Child a Swimmer

as a Director, but soon became Vice President.


At age four, he nearly drowned at the old Holiday Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Luckily he was revived, and the experience didn’t make him fear the water. He soon joined the Junior Olympic

Swim Team, coached by Jack Nelson. His real love was yet to come: surfing! He first began body boarding at age ten and a couple of years later, he began surfing and soon joined the Greenback Surf Club.


Barry traveled to Puerto Rico and California and was voted the most improved surfer in the Greenback Surf Club. He won the State Surfing Championship, and with Bill Stewart, they became the two top surfers in the state, competing together over the next few years. He traveled to Hawaii and competed in Costa Rica and was elected President of South Florida Surfing Association, competing on long boards. He competed in both professional and amateur events.


Barry’s main contribution to swimming was as Director of Every Child a Swimmer, eventually serving as Executive Vice

President of the organization.


In 1993, as the President of the Kiwanis Club of Pompano Beach, Barry led his group in starting an Every Child a Swimmer,

Learn to Swim project, which taught over 2000 children about water safety.


His enthusiasm for the Every Child a Swimmer concept continues, a position in which he continues to serve in.

In 1999, when Swim Central was under consideration his program was continually presented as an example of “it can be

done”, and it was.


He was founder and President of the S.W.I.M.S. Foundation in support of Swim Central and continues to be involved in

its activities as Treasurer.

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