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Barbara McNamee

1999 Paragon Award / Synchronized Swimming


For the past 40 years, Barbara McNamee has both coached synchronized swimming on a local and national level and provided financial and administrative services (mostly volunteer) to synchronized swimming. With a 1959 Bachelor of Arts in mathematics and physics from Mary Washington College in Virginia, Barbara had a distinct “feel” for detail, finesse, choreography and her mathematical figures soon became synchronized swimming’s figures as she developed synchro athletes in Northern Virginia (1974-1984), Des Moines, Iowa (1984-1995) and currently at the College of William and Mary (1996-present) where she is an Adjunct Professor of kinesiology. She is a Coaches Certification Instructor Trainer.


Among other meets, Barbara has been U.S. team manager at the 1982 World Championships, 1983 Pan Am Games, and has been an internationally rated judge since 1980 culminating as the 1992 U.S. Judge for the Olympic Games. In 1996, she was assistant competition manager for the sport. She has served in numerous positions for U.S. Synchronized Swimming including Vice President Olympic International (1992-1997), President (1988-1992) and Representative to ASUA/UANA serving on the Executive Board (1995-1999). She has served on the United States Olympic Committee Board of Directors (1988-1992) and various committees within the USOC (1988-1996). Among her honors received are the 1986 Lillian MacKeller Distinguished Service Award and the USSS Hall of Fame Award.

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