2022 ISHOF Honoree Ceremony

Thank you for your support of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. 

Below is an inspirational video that will provide a glimpse into our spiritual mission; there are three facets to the reason we exist:

  • INSPIRE: preserving the history of aquatics by inducing worthy aquatic heroes and Olympic champions into our Swimming Hall of Fame.
  • INVIGORATE: record events and activities in our library related to the history of the human race’s relationship with water.
  • INSTIGATE: our spiritual purpose is Every Child A Swimmer! We are actively pursuing this goal by providing swim lessons to those children from families that can’t afford swim lessons!

“The International Swimming Hall of Fame is only as strong as the engagement of its members, and we need your help to make this new era of the Hall of Fame a success.” If you are interested in joining us in supporting any phase of these three goals, please contact me personally.

Thank you, 
Dr. Bill Kent, Chair of the Board
International Swimming Hall of Fame
Email: dbk@teamhorner.com

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