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Buck Dawson Authors Award

Ernest W. Maglischo (USA)

2008 Buck Dawson Authors Award


The Award is presented to the author of an aquatics- related book for which the book's content has had a profound educational or entertaining impact on the aquatic disciplines or population in general.


Buck Dawson was the Founding Executive Director of the International Swimming Hall of Fame and established the first book store for swimming located at the ISHOF. He was the author of eight books with subjects ranging from swimming to war to volcanoes. His books include: Saga of the All-American - The 82nd Airborne in World War II, A Civil War Artist at the Front, When the Earth Explodes, Michigan Ensian, All About Dryland Exercises for Swimmers, Weissmuller to Spitz - An Era to Remember, Gold Medal Pools, We Don't Sew Beads on Belts and A History of Camps Chikopi and Ak-o-Mak.


Until the late 1960’s, when ISHOF’s founding President, James E. “Doc” Counsilman, published The

Science of Swimming, attempts to describe the stroke mechanics of competitive swimmers were

empirical in nature. “Doc” and later, Charles E. Silvia, (who followed Counsilman as ISHOF’s President),

were the first to apply scientific principles to the theories of hydrodynamic propulsion to swimmers --

and swimmers got faster.


In 1983, Ernest Maglischo, a nationally recognized coach-scientist at Chico State (California), built upon

the work of Counsilman and Silvia with the publication of his first book, Swimming Faster. At the time,

the great George Haines said, “There have been many swimming books written in recent years, but none

have so elegantly illustrated the connections between theory and practice.” Swimming Faster was to be

the first of a trilogy of what has become the most respected, most readable and comprehensive study published on swimming scientifically. In 1993, Dr. Maglischo expanded and updated his theories with Swimming Even Faster, and in

2003 he presented his 800-page magnum opus, Swimming Fastest.


In addition to the Swimming Faster series, Maglischo co-authored Swim for the Health of It (1985), with Cathy Brennan, and has authored or co-authored over 47 periodical publications including reports of original biomechanical and physiological research.

Ernest Maglischo coached swimming for 38 years, during which his teams won 13 NCAA national championships and 19 conference championships at the Division II level. He was named the NCAA’s Division II coach of the year an unprecedented eight times. His academic training includes a Ph.D. in Physical Education with an emphasis in Physiology of Exercise from Ohio State University, an M.S. degree from Bowling Green State University and a B.S.Ed degree from Ohio University.


The International Swimming Hall of Fame congratulates and commends Ernest Maglischo for providing the competitive

swimming community an outstanding resource.

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