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Buck Dawson Authors Award

2007 Jeff Wiltse


The Award is presented to the author of an aquatics- related book for which the book's content has had a profound educational or entertaining impact on the aquatic disciplines or population in general. Buck Dawson is the Founding Executive Director of the International Swimming Hall of Fame and established the first book store for swimming located at the ISHOF. He is the author of eight books with subjects ranging from swimming to war to volcanoes. His books include: Saga of the All-American - The 82nd Airborne in World War II, A Civil War Artist at the Front, When the Earth Explodes, Michigan Ensian, All About Dryland Exercises for Swimmers, Weissmuller to Spitz - An Era to Remember, Gold Medal Pools, We Don't Sew Beads on Belts - A History of Camps Chikopi and Ak-o-Mak.


A native of Seattle, Jeff Wiltse is an assistant professor of history at the University of Montana where he

teaches courses in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century United States history as well as in social

and urban history. He received his Ph.D. from Brandeis University in 2002. His dissertation, “Contested

Waters: A History of Swimming Pools in America,” is a social, cultural, and institutional history of municipal

swimming pools in the northern United States from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. It received the 2003 Allan Nevins Prize of the Society of Americans Historians for the “best-written dissertation

on a major topic in American history.” Contested Waters offers a panorama of American life. It is, at once, a story of class and race conflicts, burgeoning cities and suburbs, competing visions of social reform, eroticized public culture, democratized leisure, and Americans recent retreat from public life. It will be of interest to movie-goers who want to learn more about the issues raised by Pride, a new film that tells the story of Jim Ellis, an African American schoolteacher who founds a swim team in one of PhiladelphiaÍs roughest neighborhoods in the 1970s.


With 2007 being the inaugural year of the award, an author has been selected to represent each one of the years from 1965 to 2006,

the first 42 years of the ISHOF. Over the years, many authors have written very worthy books and should not go unrecognized.

The first 42 authors and their books are listed below:

Theresa Anderson & Fern Yates

David Armbruster

William Bachrach

Keith Bell

Pat Besford

James Cameron (GBR)

Forbes Carlile

Robert Clayton & David Thomas

Cecil Colwin

Dr. James Counsilman

Thomas K. Cureton, Jr.

Frank Dalton

Rosemary Dawson

Penny Dean

Howard Firby

Gerald Forsberg

Harry Gallagher

Don Gambril

Dick Hannula

John Hogg

Virginia Hunt Newman

Bill Juba

Jane Katz

Robert Kiputh

Laurie Lawrence

Sammy Lee

Monica Lepore, G. William Gayle,

Shawn Stevens

Joe MacInnis

Ernest Maglischo

Doris Miller

Phil Moriarty

Ron O'Brien

Bela Rajki

Archibald Sinclair & William Henry

James R. Smith

Charles Steedman

Bill Sweetenham (with John Atkinson)

Don Talbot

Monsieur Thevenot

Ralph Thomas

Dr. Phil Whitten

David Wilkie with Kelvin Juba



Istvan Barany (HUN)

Alex Baumann & Jeno Tihanyi

Dawn Bean

Eva Bory (AUS)

Marianne Brems

Sherm Chavoor

Steve Clark

Alan Clarkson

Richard Close

Bob Clotworthy

George Corson

David Costill, Ernie Maglischo &

Alan Richardson

Lynn Cox

Peter Cutino & Dennis Bledsoe

Donna deVarona

Kay Curtis

Dawn Fraser

Samuel J. Freas

David Fury

Milton Gabrielsen, Betty Spears &

Bump Gabrielsen

Jennifer Gray

Shirley Gould

Beulah Gundling

David Haller

L. deB. Handley


Charles Hines

Jean Henning

Margaret Jarvis

Kelvin Juba

Annette Kellerman

Ken Knox

Joanna M. Koury

Frederick Kroeher

Fred Lanoue

Carlton Lawford

Jean Landholm & Mary Jo Ruggieri

John Leonard

Graham Lomas

Greg Louganis

Max Madders & A.S.A

Matt Mann (with Charles Fries)

Bobby McGregor

Rob & Kathy McKay

Lois Melena

Diana Nyad

Monte Nitzkowski

Narda Onix

Francois Oppenheim

Mary Oppenheim

D.H. Owen

Mervyn Palmer

Michael Phelps with Brian Cazenueve

Brent Rutemiller

Don Schollander

Dick Smith

Deryk Snelling

Mark Spitz with Alan LeMond

Bob Steele

Margaret Swan Forbes & USSS

John Torney, Jr. & Robert Clayton

John Troup & Randy Reese

Chuck Warner

Conrad Wennerburg

Nancy Wightman & Janet Chiefari

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