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Buck Dawson Authors Award


The Award is presented to the author of an aquatics- related book for which the book’s content has had a profound educational or entertaining impact on the aquatic disciplines or population in general.


Buck Dawson is the Founding Executive Director of the International Swimming Hall of Fame and established the first book store for swimming located at the ISHOF. He is the author of eight books with subjects ranging from swimming to war to volcanoes. His books include: Saga of the All-American – The 82nd Airborne in World War II, A Civil War Artist at the Front, When the Earth Explodes, Michigan Ensian, All About Dryland Exercises for Swimmers, Weissmuller to Spitz – An Era to Remember, Gold Medal Pools, We Don’t Sew Beads on Belts – A History of Camps Chikopi and Ak-o-Mak.


With 2007 being the inaugural year of the award, an author has been selected to represent each one of the years from 1965 to 2006, the first 42 years of the ISHOF. Over the years, many authors have written very worthy books and should not go unrecognized.


A full book review is included for the 2007 Buck Dawson Authors Award Recipient. The first 42 authors and their books are listed below:

Theresa Anderson & Fern Yates

        Synchronized Swimming, 1951, 1958.


David Armbruster

       Competitive Swimming & Diving, 1942, 1950, 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973


William Bachrach

       The Outline of Swimming, 1924


Keith Bell

      Nuts and Bolts of Psychology for Swimmers, 1980, 1983, 1986

      Winning Isn’t Normal, 1982

      Target on Gold, 1983

      Championship Sports Psychology, 1983

      Coaching Excellence, 1989

      You Only Feel Wet When You’re Out of the Water, 1991

      What it Takes, the ABC’s of Excelling, 1994

      The Parent's Guide to Proper Psychological Care and Feeding of the Competitive    Swimmer, 2001

      Swim To Win Playbook, 1998


Pat Besford

      Swim Better, 1957

      Encyclopedia of Swimming, 1971

      Wilkie, 1976 (with Tommy Long)


James Cameron (GBR)

      Aquatic Sports Medicine, 1991


Forbes Carlile

     Forbes Carlile on Swimming, 1963


Robert Clayton & David Thomas

     Professional Aquatic Management, 1981, 1989


Cecil Colwin

     Cecil Colwin on Swimming, 1969

     Swimming Into the 21st Century, 1992

     Swimming Dynamics, 1998

     Breakthrough Swimming, 2002


Dr. James Counsilman

    The Science of Swimming, 1968

    Competitive Swimming Manuel for Coaches & Swimmers, 1977

    The Complete Book of Swimming, 1977


Thomas K. Cureton, Jr.

    How to Teach Swimming & Diving, 1934

    Fun in the Water - Aquatic Stunts, Contests, Games & Exhibitions, 1949


Frank Dalton

    Swimming Scientifically Taught, 1912, 1918, 1927, 1931


Rosemary Dawson

    Age Group Swimming, 1966

    Diving for Teacher and Pupil, 1970


Penny Dean

    Open Water Swimming, 1998


Howard Firby

    Howard Firby on Swimming, 1975


Gerald Forsberg

    Long Distance Swimming, 1957

    First Strokes in Swimming, 1961

    Modern Long Distance Swimming, 1963


Harry Gallagher

    Harry Gallagher on Swimming, 1970

    Sprint the Crawl, 1976

    Memories of a Fox, 1998


Don Gambril

    Swimming, 1969

    Aquatic Swimming Session with Don Gambrill, 1984

    Swimmer and Team, 1984


Dick Hannula

    Coaching Swimming Successfully, 1995

    Swim Coaching Bible, 2001 (with Nort Thornton)


John Hogg

    Land Conditioning for Competitive Swimming, 1972

    Success in Swimming, 1977

    Mental Skills for Competitive Swimmers, 1995

    Mental Skills for Swim Coaches, 1995


Virginia Hunt Newman

    Teaching Young Children to Swim & Dive, 1969

    Teaching an Infant to Swim, 1967, 1983


Bill Juba

    Swimming as Taught by Experts, 1961

    Instruction to Young Swimmers, 1956, 1858, 1960


Jane Katz

     The Wet Work Out, 1985

     All American Aquatic Handbook, 1996

     The New W.E.T. Work Out, 1996

     Swim 30 Laps in 30 Days, 1991

     Water Fitness During Your Pregnancy, 1996

     Swimming for Total Fitness, 1981, 1993


Robert Kiphuth

     Swimming, 1942

     Basic Swimming, 1950


Laurie Lawrence

     Lawrence of Australia – Stories of Inspiration, 1993

     Sink or Swim, 1989

     Five Ring Fever, 2000


Sammy Lee

     Diving, 1978

     Not Without Honor, 1987


Monica Lepore, G. William Gayle, Shawn Stevens

     Adapted Aquatics Programming, 1998


Joe MacInnis

     The Breadalbane Adventure, 1982

     Breathing Underwater, 2004

     The Underwater Man, 1974

     Saving the Oceans, 1992

     Titanic in a New Light, 1992

     Fitzgerald’s Storm: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, 1997


Ernest Maglischo

     Swimming Faster, 1982

     Swimming Even Faster, 1993

     Swim for the Health of It, 1985 (with Cathy Ferguson)

     Swimming Fastest, 2003


Doris Miller

     Biomechanics of Competitive Diving, 2000


Phil Moriarty

     Springboard Diving, 1959

     The Father  & Son Swimming Book, 1970

     Splashed – The Writings of Phil Moriarty, 1998


Ron O’Brien

     Springboard Diving Fundamentals, 1968

     Springboard and Platform Diving, 1992, 2003

     Diving for Gold, 1992


Bela Rajki

    Teaching to Swim, Learning to Swim, 1978, 1980

    The Technique of Competitive Swimming, 1956

    Water Polo, 1958


Archibald Sinclair & William Henry

    Swimming, 1893


James R. Smith

    Playing and Coaching Water Polo, 1948

    The World Encyclopedia of Water Polo, 1989


Charles Steedman

    Manual of Swimming, 1873


Bill Sweetenham

    Championship Swim Training, 2003 (with John Atkinson)


Don Talbot

    Swim to Win – For All Ages, 1967, 1969

    Talbot – Nothing But the Best, 2003


Monsieur Thevenot

    The Art of Swimming, 1764


Ralph Thomas

    Swimming, 1904


Dr. Phil Whitten

    The Complete Book of Swimming, 1994


David Wilkie

     The Handbook of Swimming, 1986 (with Kelvin Juba)

     Splash – Swimming with Wilkie, 1982 (with Kelvin Juba)

     Winning with Wilkie, 1977 (with Athole Still)





Istvan Barany (HUN)

    Teaching Children to Swim, 1961


Alex Baumann & Jeno Tihanyi

    Swimming with Alex Baumann, 1989


Dawn Bean

     An American History – Synchronized Swimming, 2005


Eva Bory (AUS)

     Teach your Child to Swim, 1971


Marianne Brems

     Swim for Fitness, 1979


Sherm Chavoor

     The 50 Meter Jungle – How Olympic Gold Swimmers Are Made, 1973


Steve Clark

     Competitive Swimming As I See It, 1967


Alan Clarkson

    Lanes of Gold – 100 years of the New South Wales Amateur Swimming Association, 1990


Richard Close

    Practical Swimming Officiating, 1970, 1971, 1972


Bob Clotworthy

    Diving, 1962


George Corson

    At Home in the Water, 1914


David Costill, Ernie Maglischo & Alan Richardson

    Swimming – A Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science, 1992


Lynn Cox

    Swim to Antarctica – Tales of  A Long Distance Swimmer, 2004

    Grayson, 2006


Peter Cutino & Dennis Bledsoe

    Polo: The Manual for Coach and Player, 1976


Donna deVarona

    Donna deVarona’s Hydro-Aerobics, 1984


Kay Curtis

    Rhythmic Swimming – A Source Book of Synchronized Swimming & Water Pageantry, 1936

    A Source Book of Water Pageantry, 1936


Dawn Fraser

     Below the surface- the Confession of an Olympic Champion, 1965

     One Hell of a Life, 2001


Samuel J. Freas

     Aquatic Games, Water Fun at Pools, Spas Beaches & Lakes, 1995

     Sprinting, 1998


David Fury

     Johnny Weissmuller – Twice the Hero, 2000


Milton Gabrielsen, Betty Spears & Bump Gabrielsen

     Aquatics Handbook, 1960


Jennifer Gray

     Coaching Synchronized Swimming – Figure Transitions, 1986, 1993


Shirley Gould

     Swimming the Shane Gould Way, 1972


Beulah Gundling

     Exploring Aquatic Art, 1963

     Dancing in the Water, 1976

     To Henry with Love, 1988

     Creative Synchronized Swimming, 1988 (with Jill White)


David Haller

     David Haller: Swimming, 1977


L. deB. Handley

     Swimming and Watermanship, 1925


Charles Hines

     How to Play and Teach Water Polo, 1967


Jean Henning

     Six Days to Swim, 1970

     Sports Odyssey, 1998


Margaret Jarvis

     Captain Webb – 100 years of Channel Swimming, 1975


Kelvin Juba

     All about Water Polo, 1972

     Water Polo Info Books, 1978

     Fit for Swimming, 1988


Annette Kellerman

     How to Swim, 1918


Ken Knox

     The Dawn of Swimming, 1962


Joanna M. Koury

     A Therapy Programming – Guidelines for Orthopedic Rehabilitation, 1996


Frederick Kroeher

     Public Swimming Pools – A Manuel of Operation, 1976


Fred Lanoue

     Drownproofing, 1963


Terry Laughlin

     Total Immersion, 1996 (with John Delves)

     Swimming Made Easy


Carlton Lawford

     Swimming & Diving Officiating


Jean Landholm & Mary Jo Ruggieri

     Introduction to Synchronized Swimming, 1976



John Leonard

     Parent, Coach, Athlete – A Handbook for Age Group Swimming Parents, 1984

    Science of Coaching Swimming, 1992

    Rookie Swim Coaches Guide


Graham Lomas

    The Will to Win, 1960


Greg Louganis

     Breaking the Surface, 1995


Max Madders & A.S.A

     Swimming and Swimming Strokes, 1953, 1957


Matt Mann

     Swimming, 1945 (with Charles Fries)


Bobby McGregor

     The Bobby McGregor Story, 1970


Rob & Kathy McKay

     Learn to Swim, 2005


Lois Melena

     By a Fraction of a Second – A Female’s Lead Up to the Olympics


Diana Nyad

     Other Shores, 1978


Monte Nitzkowski

     United States Tactical Water Polo, 1994


Narda Onix

     Water, World and Weissmuller, 1964


Francois Oppenheim

      The History of Swimming, 1970


Mary Oppenheim

     Aquatic Aide – A Guide Book for Water Safety Instruction, 1982


D.H. Owen

     Swimming for Schools, 1968


Mervyn Palmer

     The Science of Teaching Swimming, 1979


Michael Phelps with Brian Cazenueve

     Brian Phelps – Beneath the Surface, 2004


Brent Rutemuller

      Below the Surface – How to Build a Club, 2005


Don Schollander

     Inside Swimming, 1974

     Deep Swimming, 1971 (with Duke Savage)


Dick Smith

     Inside Diving, 1973


Deryk Snelling

     All About the Individual Medley, 1975


Mark Spitz with Alan LeMond

     The Mark Spitz Complete Book of Swimming, 1976


Bob Steele

     Swimming Drills,


Margaret Swan Forbes & USSS

    Coaching Synchronized Swimming Effectively, 1984, 1989


John Torney, Jr. & Robert Clayton

    Aquatic Instruction, Coaching and Management, 1970

    Teaching Aquatics, 1981

    Aquatic Organization and Management, 1981


John Troup & Randy Reese

     A Scientific Approach to the Sport of Swimming, 1983


Chuck Warner

     Four Champions, One Gold Medal


Conrad Wennerburg

     Wind, Waves and Sunburn, 1974


Nancy Wightman & Janet Chiefari

     Better Synchronized Swimming for Girls, 1981


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