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56 year old mom to swim the Atlantic Ocean

Jennifer Figge

After completing a 20 mile training swim from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in the Atlantic Ocean, extreme open Water swimmer Jennifer Figge, stopped into ISHOF to see her inspiration, Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to cross the English Channel in 1926. She left with two photographs of Ederle to hang on board the boat as motivation to keep swimming next month. Figge will attempt to swim from Cape Verda Islands off the African Coast to Barbados in the Caribbean, a distance of 2100 miles. She will swim behind a sailboat, in a giant cage to ward off sharks and figures to be in the water six to eight hours a day, taking just over two months complete the journey.

The Atlantic has been crossed previously by two Frenchmen, one in the 1994 in an unsupervised and unauthenticated swim with the help of a kickboard by Guy Delage by using the same southern route as Figge and the other by Benoit LeComte in 1998 who swam the Northern Route from Cape Cod to Brittany with a stop over at the Azores Islands. Figge will use the Frenchmen’s same daily schedule of swimming six to eight hours a day, then sleeping wile the boat drifts aimlessly in the ocean swells, sometime forward, sometime backward.

As a extreme athlete, Figge age 56 and the mother of Lemans series race car driver Alex Figge, has rum 400miles across France, 350 miles across Romania, 450 miles across India, 576 miles across South America, 300 miles across each Thailand and Iceland and 180 Miles across Mexico. She has swum the streets of Gibraltar, from Tahiti to Moorea, Turkey to Greece, the Cozumel Channel and the heads of Sydney Harbour. Last year she battled eight-foot swells as she swam 52 miles from Cay Sal Bank in the Bahamas to Marathon in the Florida Keys. Figge lives and trains in the high altitude of Aspen, Colorado.

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