Water Safety For Kids
Artwork and Text by Kimberly Peterson
Rookie Coaches Swimming Guide
By American Sport Education Program
Fantastic Water Workouts
By MaryBeth Pappas Gaines
Janet Evans’ Total Swimming
By Janet Evans
Triathlon Training
By Michael Finch
Teaching Infant and Preschool Aquatics
Springboard & Platform Diving
By Ron O’Brien
Breakthrough Swimming
By Cecil M. Colwin
Championship Swim Training
By Bill Sweetenham and John Atkinson
Swimmers Courage & Triumph
By Larry Thompson
The Extraordinary Life of An Olympic Champion
By Richard J. Foster
The Swim Coaching Bible
By Dick Hannula and Nort Thornton
Games, Gimmicks and Challenges
By Bob Steele
Life is Worth Swimming
By Murray Rose
Swimming Fastest
By Ernest W. Maglischo
Adapted Aquatics Programming: A Professional Guide
By Monica Lepore, G. William Gayle and Shawn F. Stevens