Yutaka Terao
Character in Coaching Award

Yutaka Terao was the first president of the World Swimming Coaches Association.  He cared for athletes, coaches, friends and the sport of swimming in a way that will always be remembered.  This award perpetuates his name and its recipients exemplify his caring attitude.  He died in Fort Lauderdale on May 13, 2001.  This award is presented in his memory to represent the enthusiasm, high spirit, leadership skills, sharing of knowledge and goodwill personified by others in their coaching endeavors.

2006 Yutaka Terao Award
World Swimming Coaches Association
Coach of the Quadrennum

Eddie Reese

One of the most successful coaches in swimming history, Eddie Reese has a knack of bringing out the best of each swimmer, that is getting them to swim fast. Never without a smile or a kind word, his key is his poolside manner. His swimmers have a lot of fun but underneath they work their hardest. Eddie’s proven success is built on fun, confidence and hard work.

Reese’s ability to train his athletes technically has been big part of his success, but his unique approach to swimming and training may be his best attribute. That combination is what makes Reese one of the world’s finest coaches, regardless of sport. He possesses a thorough knowledge of swimming fundamentals, an eye for talent, a genuine care for his athletes and the ability to communicate and motivate. Always calm, unflappable, amiable and quick with a joke, he is a man who likes to work hard but doesn’t see why hard work must be dull. Eddie’s emphasis has always been “the team”. Individual success is derived from team play and team play is successful because of individual success. “A lot of people look for the easy way to do anything. And in swimming there is no easy way”, say Reese.

Reese is 1991 and 2005 ASCA Coach of the Year, an eight–time NCAA Coach of the Year and two-time (1992,2004) United States Men’s Olympic Team Head Coach. In his 28 years as Head Coach of the University of Texas, the Longhorns have won nine NCAA Team Titles. Along the way, he has developed 39 NCAA individual champions, 29 national champion relays, 146 All-Americans and 22 Olympians who have won 21 gold medals. Reese – coached, medal winning Olympians Include:

David Bridgewater:* Jason Crocker Ian Crocker
Rick Carey Josh Davis Nate Dusing
Ian Crocker Nate Dusing Doug Gjertsen
Josh Davis Brendan Hansen Gary Hall Jr.**
Hans Dersch Scott Goldbatt Brendan Hansen
Doug Gjertsen Gary Hall, Jr.** Neil Walker
Scott Goldbatt Chris Jacobs  
Gary Hall, Jr.** Jamie Rauch  
Tommy Hannan Aaron Peirsol  
Brendan Hansen Neil Walker  
Chris Jacobs    
Shaun Jordan    
Aaron Peirsol *Brad Bridgewater was a Longhorn from 1992-1994.
**Gary Hall Jr. Attended Texas for the 1993-1994 season.
Neil Walker

From 1978 to 2003, swimmers Dusing, Goldblatt, Hansen, Crocker, Walker, Hall, Davis, Gjertsen, Carey, Nevid and Peirsol have won a total of 13 gold, 11 silver and 13 bronze medals.

In long course swimming, Reese-coached Rick Carey set three world records in the 100m backstroke and two world records in the 200m backstroke. William Paulus set the 100m butterfly record in 1981. Aaron Peirsol set two world records in each of the 100m and 200m backstroke. Brendan Hansen set 100m and 200m breaststroke records and Ian Crocker set the 50m butterfly world record. Swimmers competing in relays helped set nine world records including Chris Jacobs (400 FR), Doug Gjertsen (800 FR), Rick Carey (400 MR, 4 times), Ian Crocker (400 MR) and Gary Hall, Jr. (400 MR, 2 times)

Eddie was selected Head Coach of the U.S. Men’s Olympic Swimming Team for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the 2004 Athens Olympics and assistant coach for the 1988 Seoul Games, 1996 Atlanta Games and 2000 Sydney Games. He was awarded the College Swimming Coaches National Collegiate and Interscholastic Swimming Trophy. Rather than coach the sport of swimming Eddie teachers it; and he places just as much emphasis on teaching the skills of life to his swimmers. He is a prime example of nice guys don’t finish last. They finish first.

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