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Arthur, Capt. Ransom, USN, M.D. (1990) Contributor, USA

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Bauer, Carl (1967) Contributor, USA

Bean, Dawn Pawson (1996) Contributor Synchro Swimming, USA

Blake, Thomas (1992) Pioneer Contributor, USA

Boyton, Paul (1993) Pioneer Contributor, USA
Bulfon, Cornelio Miguel Marculescu (2010) Contributor, ROM

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Cameron, James Malcolm "Taffy" (2003) Contributor, GBR

Cavill Family (1970) Contributors (6), AUS

Colwin, Cecil (1993) Contributor, CAN/RSA

Corsan Sr., George (1971) Contributor, CAN

Cotton, Frank (1989) Pioneer Contributor, AUS

Cousteau, Jacques-Yves (1967) Contributor, FRA

Cummins, Capt. Bertram William "Bert" (1974) Contributor, GBR

Cureton Jr., Thomas K. (1980) Contributor, USA

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Dawson, William "Buck" (1986) Contributor, USA

de Wit, Thea (2005) Contributor, NED
Donath, Leo (1988) Pioneer Contributor, HUN

Drigny, Emile Georges (1984) Contributor, FRA

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Epstein, Charlotte (1974) Contributor, USA

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Fern, Harold (1974) Contributor, GBR

Forsberg, Gerald (1998) Pioneer Open Water Contributor, GBR

Franklin, Benjamin (1968) Contributor, USA

Freeman, Mary (1988) Coach/Contributor, USA

Fullard-Leo, Ellen (1974) Contributor, USA

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Godfrey, Eldon (2012) Contributor, CAN

Gompf, Tom (2002) Contributor, USA

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Handy, Jamison (1965) Contributor, USA

Hearn, George (1986) Pioneer Contributor, GBR

Helmick, Bob (2007) Contributor, USA

Henning, Dr. Harold (1979) Contributor, USA

Henry, William (1974) Contributor, GBR

Hoffman, Robert M. (2001) Pioneer Contributor, USA

Hopping, Bruce
(2014) Pioneer Contributor

Hunt Newman, Virginia (1993) Pioneer Contributor, USA

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Johansson, Hjalmar (1982) Pioneer Diver/Contributor, SWE

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Kaufman, Beth (1967) Contributor, USA

Kellerman, Annette (1974) Contributor, AUS

Kennedy, Edward T. (1966) Contributor, USA

Krauser, June F. (1994) Contributor, USA

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Larfaoui, Mustapha (1998) Contributor, ALG

Lemhenyi, Deszo (1998) Water Polo/Coach/Contributor, HUN

Lippman Jr., Bill (1995) Contributor, USA

Lord Landon, Alice (1993) Pioneer Swimmer/Contributor, USA

Longfellow, Commodore Wilbert E. (1965) Contributor, USA

Luehring, Frederick (1974) Contributor, USA

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MacKellar, Lillian (1993) Pioneer Coach/Contributor/Synchro, USA/CAN/NZL

Maglione, Julio (2012) Contributor, URU

Martin, G. Harold (1999) Pioneer Contributor, USA

McCaffree, Charles (1976) Contributor, USA

McGowan, Judy (2009) Contributor/Synchronized Swimming, USA

Montgomery, Peter (2013) Contributor, AUS

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Olsen, Norma (1998) Pioneer Synchro Swimming Contributor, USA

Ostos, Javier (1981) Contributor, MEX

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Petranech, Dale (2014) Honor Open Water Swimming Contributor USA

Phillips, William Berge (1997) Contributor, AUS

Picornell, Bernardo (1993) Pioneer Contributor, ESP

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Rajki, Bela (1996) Contributor, HUN

Ritter, R. Max (1965) Contributor, USA/GER

Robertson, David H. (1989) Contributor/Coach, USA

Rose, Billy (1995) Contributor, USA

Rude, Ray (1992) Contributor, USA

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Salinas Abril, Sebastian (1999) Contributor, PER

Sarsfeild, Norman
(2014) Contributor

Schoenfield, Al (1985) Contributor, USA

Silvia, Charles (1976) Contributor, USA

Smith, R. Jackson (1983) Contributor, USA

Steedman, Charles (2000) Contributor, GBR/AUS

Sundstrom, Gus (1995) Pioneer Coach/Contributor, USA

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Thevenot, Monfieur (1990) Pioneer Contributor, FRA

Thierry, Nick (2001) Contributor, CAN

Treadway, Kenneth (1983) Contributor, USA

Trudgen, John (1974) Contributor, GBR

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Wahle, Otto (1996) Pioneer Swimmer/Contributor, AUT-USA

Wales, Ross (2004) Contributor, USA

Wallis, C. W. (1986) Pioneer Contributor, AUS

Wickham, Alick (1974) Contributor, SOL

Williams, Esther (1966) Contributor, USA

Wilson, William (2003) Pioneer Contributor, GBR

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