ISHOF Honorees - R

Erich Rademacher  Rademacher, Erich (1972) Swimmer/Water Polo, GER

Radmilovic, Paul (1967) Water Polo, GBR

  Rajki, Bela (1996) Contributor, HUN

Rausch, Emil (1968) Swimmer, GER

  Rawlinson, Austin (1994) Pioneer Swimmer, GBR

Rawls, Katherine (1965) Swimmer/Diver, USA

Read, Michael (2011) Contributor (GBR)

Redmond, Carol (1989) Synchronized Swimming, USA

Reese, Eddie (2002) Coach, USA

Reese, Randy (2005) Coach, USA


Reinisch, Rica (1989) Swimmer, GDR

Richter, Ulrike (1983) Swimmer, GDR

Riggin Soule, Aileen (1967) Swimmer/Diver, USA

Riley, Mickey (1977) Diver, USA

Ris, Wally (1966) Swimmer, USA

Ritter, R. Max (1965) Contributor, USA/GER

Robertson, David H. (1989) Contributor/Coach, USA

Robie, Carl (1976) Swimmer, USA

Robinson, Tom (1975) Coach, USA

Gail Roper  Roper, Gail (1997) Masters Swimmer, USA
  Rose, Billy (1995) Pioneer Contributor, USA

Rose, Murray (1965) Swimmer, AUS

Ross, Anne (1984) Diver, USA

Ross, Clarence (1988) Pioneer Swimmer, USA

Ross, Norman (1967) Swimmer, USA

Rosza, Norbert (2005) Swimmer, HUN

Roth, Dick (1987) Swimmer, USA

  Rothhammer, Keena (1991) Swimmer, USA

Rouse, Jeff (2001) Swimmer, USA

Rubini, Cesare (2000) Water Polo, ITA

Ruddy Sr., Joe (1986) Pioneer Water Polo (Softball), USA

  Rude, Ray (1992) Contributor, USA

Rudic, Ratko (2007) Water Polo Coach, YUG, ITA, USA, CRO

  Ruiz, Tracie (1993) Synchronized Swimmer, USA

Russell, Douglas (1985) Swimmer, USA

Ruuska, Sylvia (1976) Swimmer, USA

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