ISHOF Honorees - B

Babashoff, Shirley (1982) Swimmer, USA

Kristin Babb-Sprague

Babb-Sprague, Kristen
(1999) Synchronized Swimmer, USA

Bachrach, Bill (1966) Coach, USA

Ball, Catie (1976) Swimmer, USA

Barany, Dr. Istvan (1978) Swimmer, HUN

  Barkalov, Alexei (1993) Water Polo, USSR
Barrowman, Mike (1997) Swimmer, USA
Bathe, Walter (1970) Swimmer, GER

Battersby, Sydney (2007) Pioneer Swimmer, GBR

Bauer, Carl (1967) Contributor, USA

Bauer, Sybil (1967) Swimmer, USA

Alex Baumann Baumann, Alex (1992) Swimmer, CAN
  Bean, Dawn Pawson (1996) Contributor/Synchronized Swimming, USA
Beaurepaire, Sir Frank (1967) Swimmer, AUS

Bebic, Milivoj (2013) Water Polo, YUG, CRO

Belote, Melissa (1983) Swimmer, USA

Bennett, Brooke
(2010) Swimmer, USA

Paul Bergen

  Bergen, Paul (1998) Coach, USA/CAN

Berkoff, David (2005) Honor Swimmer, USA


      Bernier, Sylvie (1996) Diver, CAN

Berry, Kevin (1980) Swimmer, AUS

Bieberstein, Arno (1988) Pioneer Swimmer, GER

Billingsley, Hobie (1983) Coach/Diver, USA

Matt Biondi Biondi, Matt (1997) Swimmer, USA
Bjedov, Djurdica (1987) Swimmer, YUG

  Blake, Thomas (1992) Pioneer Contributor, USA

Ethelda Bleibtry  Bleibtrey, Ethelda (1967) Swimmer, USA
Gerard Blitz Blitz, Gerard (1990) Pioneer Swimmer/Water Polo, BEL
Bo, Peng (2014) Diver, CHN

Boggs, Phil (1985) Diver, USA
Boiteux, Jean (1982) Swimmer, FRA

Borg, Arne (1966) Swimmer, SWE

Borges, Gustavo (2012) Swimmer, BRA

Bottom, Joe (2006) Swimmer, USA
Boyle, Charlotte (1988) Pioneer Swimmer, USA


  Boyton, Paul (1993) Pioneer Contributor, USA
Brack, Walter (1997) Pioneer Swimmer, GER

Brandsten, Ernst (1966) Coach, USA/SWE

Brandsten, Greta Johanson (1973) Diver, SWE

Braun, Ma (1967) Coach, Holland/NED

Braun, Marie (1980) Swimmer, Holland/NED

Brauninger, Stan (1972) Coach, USA

Breen, George (1975) Swimmer, USA

Browning, David "Skippy" (1975) Diver, USA

Jayne Owen Bruner  

Bruner, Jayne Owen
(1998) Masters Swimmer, USA

Bruner, Mike (1988) Swimmer, USA

Brusnikina , Olga (2009) Synchronized Swimmer, RUS

Bucha, Sandra (2014) Open Water Swimmer, USA
Bukic, Perica (2008) Water Polo
Bulfon, Cornelio Miguel Marculescu (2010) Honor Contributor

Burke, Lynn (1978) Swimmer, USA

Burton, Mike (1977) Swimmer, USA

Bush, Lesley (1986) Diver, USA  
Ray Bussard

Bussard, Ray
(1999) Coach, USA  

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